r190316a buttons and key bindings for Emotor, key bindings and Gatherer
r190315a new function /zg to store a node, several minor corrections
initial distribution of trader function (show sell prices in tooltip)
r190312a Configuration menu to deactivate/activate the different modules
Moved Minimap display for Targets from Locator to Targets (where it really belongs)
r190310b Corrections to Gatherer for empty databases
r190310a Corrections to ratios of Emotor
r190224a Changed way of storing gather nodes, some configuration extensions for gatherer
r190210a Automatic database cleanup for Targets, new sounds, Target infos on Mouse-Over
r181224a Several minor corrections
r181107a Configuration menu for Emotor
Targets can be marked as known, party members are automatically known
r181103a Configuration menu for Locator
Changes to data structure of Targets
r181028a Neue Form der Positionsspeicherung, bis 10 Positionen pro Eintrag
r181027a Workaround for WoW bug of naming pets as Unknown
Changes to data format for Target positions
Changes to minimap target display
Added display of Target on zone map
r180808a new reactions for attack while fishing and pick lock
Orcisch as default language for Horde
r180501a Implementation of target-dot in minimap
r180311a HUD with 3 lines, new functions to Buff Monitor
r180307a Corrections to Buff Monitor
r180305a New Functions: Buff Monitor and HUD
r180114a First alpha version